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  • TonyPi

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    • What is TonyPi Humanoid Robot

    • What is Raspberry Pi

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  • TonyPi Operation

    • VNC Installation

    • Phone App Download and Operation

  • Development Environment

    • Image Download and Burning

What is TonyPi Humanoid Robot


TonyPi intelligent visual humanoid robot uses Raspberry PI as the central controller. OpenCV is the image processing library, which uses Python language programming. The robot is equipped with a 2-DOF high-definition camera, which is able to realise Al image identification, colour recognition, playing soccer, visual line following and other gameplay. It equipped with high-voltage bus servo and voltage display. Large-capacity lithium battery significantly increases the working time and built-in action group make it possible for humanoid robot do much complex motion like push-ups.




Image 1-1 TonyPi Humanoid Robot


Powered by Raspberry Pi 3B+, TonyPi is able to do various gameplay and support secondary development.




Image 1-2 Raspberry Pi 3B+


Support phone App control. Users can directly operate and play robot, when it take from the packing box without coding it.




Image 1-3 Support Phone App Control