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Learnmicro:bit uHandbit

  • uHandbit

  • Read me First

    • microbit Introduction

    • What is MakeCode

    • How to Download uHandbit Github and Coding

  • uHandbit Assembly and Mobile App Download

    • Assembly and Parts Introduction

    • Mobile App Download and Control

  • Starter Lesson

    • Section 1 Breathing Light

    • Section 2 Finger Temperature

    • Section 3 Roll the Dice

    • Section 4 Motion Trail

  • Advanced Lesson

    • Section 1 Grab the Object by Ultrasonic Sensor

    • Section 2 Color Recognition

    • Section 3 Sound Control

    • Section 4 Bluetooth Control

The Introduction of micro: bit Development Board


Being led by a well-known English TV station BBC, micro:bit is jointly developed by Microsoft, Samsung, ARM, and Lancaster University, UK, which gears to adolescents’ programming education.


As you can see, the size of micro:bit merely accounts for half of the bank card. Although the size is small, many rich functional electronic modules have been well equipped on it, including 5*5 programmable LED dot matric, two programmable buttons, Bluetooth, thermometer, electronic compass, accelerometer, etc. The detailed module position as shown below.


Image 1-1 5*5 Programmable LED Dot Matric


micro:bit also includes secondary development pin and the detailed information as shown below.




Image 1-2 micro:bit Development Board Pin Picture